Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Manny being Manny

If Manny Ramirez didn't have two rings on his way to Cooperstown, then the following video wouldn't be funny. But he does, and it is:

HT: Fantasy Baseball Generals

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Greg said...

About a month ago Pauly emailed me this interested bit of trivia:

OF Manny Ramirez has the unique distinction of being the only player in major league history with 800 career RBIs for two different franchises. Ramirez has 814 career RBIs in his eight-year career with the Red Sox and also amassed 804 RBIs during his seven seasons with the Cleveland Indians. Former 1B Jimmie Foxx and 1B Rafael Palmeiro are the only other two major league players who have totaled 700 RBIs with two different teams, according to Elias Sports Bureau.