Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hit parade...

Chase-d away early: Monday was tough on Jorge De La Rosa and the Rockies who gave up 20 runs to the Phils, including 6 RBI to Chase "MVP?" Utley.

Pitchin' ain't easy: Has anyone else noticed that, dating back to the early 90's, nearly all of the relatively young MLB players who have unexpectedly died have been pitchers?

Bruce Almighty: So Jay Bruce has had two nice games so far. I'll still be surprised if he puts up Ryan Braun-like numbers this year. But then again, I dropped Braun last year...

Dangerous Mind: Padres' GM Paul DePodesta, who earlier this decade helped Billy Beane revolutionize scouting, has started his own blog.

Trivia: In 2007, the Chicago Cubs won at least 20 of the games that one of their pitchers started. Who was that pitcher?


Chairman said...

Ted Lilly?

Greg said...

Good guess.

For the top 4 Cubs starters last year, here were their pitching records:

Carlos Zambrano 18-13
Ted Lilly 15-8
Jason Marquis 12-9
Rich Hill 11-8

Most would think Zambrano is the guy who the Cubs got 20 W's for, but if it were, I wouldn't have asked the question. Amazingly, his 18 W's were exactly how many times the Cubs won when he pitched.

So who's next, Ted Lilly?

No, the Cubs won 19 games when Lilly started. The answer is Jason Marquis--they tallied exactly 20 wins in the games he started last year.

Chairman said...

I remember both Zambrano and Lilly very well from last year, and remembered that Lilly outpitched Z. Didn't figure on Marquis, especially since he sucks.