Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is Yost toast?

I haven't watched many Brewer games, so I'm not in much of a position to judge Ned Yost as a manager. However, it did raise a red flag with me last year when the Brewers called up Yovani Gallardo and immediately put him in the bullpen. If that was Yost's decision, then I will count that as a strike against him. As far as I'm concerned, when you have a top-flight prospect like Gallardo you don't bring him up to the majors to sit around in the bullpen for a month before inserting him into the starting rotation. Why mess up his rhythm?

In any case, my point here is that the Brewers are in 4th place, and it seems that the pressure is building on Yost. Sure, it's not his fault his team doesn't have a bullpen and the starters are injured, but professional sports are brutal. When things go bad, the manager is usually among the first to go.

There is currently much speculation as to which MLB manager will be the next one canned. Who would your guess be?


clauff said...

If it isn't Yost, it may be Randolph. Even though Randolph isn't the manager for the crazed, nut-job Yankees, he's still in New York and they still have unreal expectations for their teams. Having said that, Willie Randolph has been equipped with a good squad, so his firing wouldn't be all that unwarranted either.

Chairman said...

C-Lauff. You may be right about Willie Randolph, but none of this had to happen. If only you hadn't traded for David Wright.

clauff said...

Like I said in my post "Where Baseball Players Go to Die", don't trade me any players who are on teams that you like. Or, conversely, trade me every player who is on a team that you don't like so that they begin to suck. Either way, I'm screwed.

Greg McConnell said...

Yeah, it sounds like Randolph needs the Mets to get hot rather quickly. Although, I'm not sure Gary Carter has done himself any favors by campaigning for the job this way, telling the "Mike and Murray Show":

"Boy, I'll tell you what. I would love that, guys. When I saw that on ESPN today ... I got on the phone and I called (Mets VP of media relations) Jay Horwitz and I asked Jay, 'Should I try to call Mr. Wilpon?' If there is this going on I just want them to know of my availability."

Also, C-Lauff, regarding your team's tendencies for the injury/slump factor, I thought about offering you Chipper for Wright straight up, just to mess with your mind. ;-)