Sunday, March 30, 2014

MLB Trivia: Starting with a Bang

I might have asked this one before, but it's still a good one. Three MLB players in history are tied for the most career homers on Opening Day with 8 homers. Two of them are Frank Robinson and Ken Griffey Jr. The third player is still active. Who is he?

Monday, March 10, 2014

MLB Trivia: Catching On Elsewhere

After having played more than 900 MLB games at catcher, Joe Mauer announced during this offseason that he would be permanently moving from catcher to first base. The only player in MLB history who went on to play at least 300 games at any other field position(s) after having caught 900 MLB games is Joe Torre.  In fact, as of right now, only one other player joins Torre in having played at least 300 games at another position after having played 700 games at catcher. Can you name him? (Hint: This player's career ended last decade -- the 2000s.)