Sunday, May 11, 2008


A little over 25 years ago the Cubs had just lost a tough one-run ball game to the Dodgers at Wrigley Field, dropping their record to 5-14 on the young season. Making matters worse, Cubs fans had been booing and heckling their own team throughout the game, and afterward a few of the Cubs players nearly got into a fight with some of the fans. When Cubs manager Lee Elia was asked about the depressing state of his team after the game, he flat out lost it and went on one of the most legendary sports rants of all time.

Here in May 2008 my fantasy baseball team, like those 1983 Cubs, has gotten off to a disappointing start; and the frustration is starting to set in. If you were to ask me today why my fantasy baseball team is doing so poorly, my answer would go something like this:

Warning: The language in this video is not appropriate for Little League.


Chairman said...

Interesting trade you've got Ichiro and Reyes for Chipper and spare parts. Ordinarily, that would be an auto-veto, but given how bad Ichiro and Reyes have started off, and how hot Chipper is (and with Barnes seeming to have gotten regular playing time), I can live with this.

But where do you project yourself out with this trade?

Greg said...

I traded for Ichiro and Reyes? That's odd. Why don't I see them on my roster?

For my opinion on that situation, just replay the video above. ;-)

Chairman said...

I think that for you, the trade probably doesn't particularly help you out. You pick up some extra R and SB, for sure. But it looks like you'd surrender SLG, and maybe even OBP, both of which are awfully tight, from 2nd place to about 10th place. I'm guessing it would have been close to a wash, unless you found a way to trade some excess SB (like getting some value out of Pence).

Greg said...

You know, honestly, I have to agree. Which is why it's so funny this trade got nixed. (C-Lauff, thanks for repaying the favor!)

Although, just to finish the thought, part of my reasoning was/is a hope that Fielder and Pena can put up decent numbers at some point. I don't expect them to repeat last year, but going .375/.575 (OBP/SLG) from here on out would certainly help. I can't win the league with Chipper and Hideki being my only guys respectable in both OBP/SLG. I'll need other guys to step up at some point. Also, it helps if the commissioner doesn't steal one of your best players (like Carlos Quentin).