Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hit parade...

Joba Chamberlain / Photo courtesy: Sipken/News

Sunday, March 7

I hope your day is going better than Joba's outing last Friday.

Were you disappointed with the umpires during last season's MLB playoffs? You're not alone.

Joe Nathan is having tests on his elbow. He says he's not worried, but of course Twins fans (and fantasy owners) are worried.

Tim Dierkes has posted his undervalued hitters for 2010. (Guys on this list who are currently on my 24-man roster include Chris Coghlan and... that's it. Although, in his "others I like" he mentions Carlos Gonzalez, Miguel Montero, and Billy Butler, who are all on my team as of this writing. But I'll need to drop at least one or more before our keeper draft.)

Monday, March 8

The top ten stories of spring training thus far.

Good start: Aroldis Chapman is beginning to feel at home with the Reds.

Tuesday, March 9

Jason Heyward: Peter Gammons offers high praise for Heyward and the importance of family.

Old school fantasy baseball: The Sports Guy has posted notebook scribbles of his 1983 catcher rankings and outfield rankings. (I like the Bo Diaz pick. He was my first baseball idol, and yes, I wore his #6 when I caught during one Little League season  in the late 80's.)

Pauly returns.

Joe Nathan injury update: Bad news.

Wednesday, March 9

The 9th pick of the 2010 UPL Baseball Draft goes to... SuckMyKnuckleballs. And the 8th pick goes to... Cheeseheads.

Thursday, March 10

UPL draft order results continue:
Reminder: We're 99% sure that Nathan is done for the year, not 100%.

A new and unproven fantasy baseball advice site,, gives its two cents about ESPN's and Yahoo's fantasy baseball experts. (I can see the success stories now. "I won my fantasy baseball league because I knew to trust Brandon Funston over Brad Evans. Thank you,!)

Sunday, March 14

Top four picks of the 2010 UPL Baseball Draft:
Albert Pujols for Ryan Howard? Could this rumor possibly be true?

Best wishes to top Red Sox prospect Ryan Westmoreland.


Chairman said...

I don't know about you, but I get all of my fantasy insight from The UPL Blog.

Greg said...

That's an okay site. I've gotten some info from there, as well as from the free clinics you put on from 2002 to 2005. ;-)