Monday, October 25, 2010

MLB Trivia: Saving the World Series

Mariano Rivera has the most career saves in the World Series with 11, nearly doubling Rollie Fingers who is second all-time with six. The most saves that Rivera has gotten in a single World Series is three, and there are four other pitchers who have accomplished that feat. However, only one pitcher has ever gotten four saves in a single World Series. Can you name him? (Hint: This record was accomplished at some point in the 1990s... by a Yankee.)


Pauly said...

I think you narrowed it down to John Wetteland.

But I could be wrong.

Greg McConnell said...

Yes, Pauly, John Wetteland is the guy. You can click here and scroll down to verify the answer.

For anyone who remembered that Wetteland, not Rivera, was the Yankees closer for the '96 World Series, this question with the hint was easy. But I'm not sure if I would have remembered Wetteland's name without being reminded.