Monday, October 18, 2010

MLB Trivia: LCS Long Balls

Cody Ross already has three home runs in this year's National League Championship Series. The record for the most home runs in a League Championship Series (LCS) is four, and nine players have done it. However, the record for most career homers in LCS play is 13. Can you name the player who holds this record? (Hint: He's an active player, but his team didn't make this year's postseason.)


Pauly said...

Manny Ramirez??

You made so many post during ASIS that I cant keep up.

Greg McConnell said...

Pauly, good guess. And you are CORRECT! You can click here and scroll down to see the answer for yourself.

I've listed the top names here for your convenience:

More career homers in LCS play:

Manny Ramirez - 13
Bernie Williams - 9
George Brett - 9
Albert Pujols - 8
Steve Garvey - 8

Also, as of this writing, Derek Jeter is sitting at 7. So he might move up this list soon. We'll see.

Greg McConnell said...

I should point out that Alex Rodriguez is also sitting on 7 as of this writing. He could be moving up this list soon as well.

Greg McConnell said...

I've updated this question because Josh Hamilton has now hit five homers in this ALCS. So he's the ninth player to accomplish that. If he hits one more in this ALCS, that would be the record for most homers in an LCS. And of course we'll have to keep our eye on Cody Ross who also could get to five if he hits two more.

One last note: Jeter hit two balls off the wall tonight. So he barely missed moving up the all-time LCS homer list.