Monday, May 31, 2010

Trivia: Strikeout Your Age

Only two major league pitchers have ever struck out the same number of batters as their age in a game. One of them was Kerry Wood, who struck out 20 batters on May 6, 1998, when he was 20 years old. Can you name the other player to accomplish this feat? (Hint: This guy struck out fewer than 20 batters.)


Pauly said...

ubaldo jimenez seems popular these days, so I'll throw him out there, but really, I havent a clue.

Greg said...

OK, I thought I might get Dwight Gooden as a guess (debuted at age 19 and dominated). But he's not the right answer.

Also thought the Chairman might toss out Joe Nuxhall, a former Red, who famously debuted as the youngest major leaguer ever at age 15. But he's not the right answer either. (And he only pitched in one game at age 15. Didn't really stay in the bigs until age 23.)

I usually try to have the answers to these questions be modern players. But yesterday was Memorial Day, so I turned back the clock a bit. This guy was the first major leaguer to volunteer for combat after Pearl Harbor, served four years in WWII, and is the only Chief Petty Officer in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The answer is Bob Feller, who had a game at age 17 where he struck out 17 batters.

Chairman said...

Doc Gooden would've been my guess.

Jamie Moyer and Warren Spahn would have been my not guesses.

Bob Feller - he's old school. Nice.