Monday, May 17, 2010

Trivia: Hall of Fame Draft Picks

The MLB's first amateur draft was held back in 1965. Since then, only 23 drafted players have made it into the Hall of Fame. And none of them were taken #1 overall. Although, this will eventually change with #1 picks like Ken Griffey Jr. (1987), Chipper Jones (1990), and Alex Rodriguez (1993) surely on their way to Cooperstown.

The highest draft pick currently in the Baseball Hall of Fame was taken #2 in the 1966 draft. Can you name him?

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Greg said...

Drafted in 1966, you have to figure that it's a guy who dominated in the 70's... This guy also happened to have a lot of success in October. In 1966, with the 2nd overall pick, the Oakland Athletics drafted an outfielder from Arizona State University by the name of Reggie Jackson. Nobody else drafted #2 or #1 has been inducted into the Hall (yet).

So which team passed on Reggie Jackson? It was the New York Mets. They took a catcher named Steve Chilcott. He never even made it to the bigs.