Monday, May 24, 2010

Trivia: Ironman Catchers

Last June, Ivan Rodriguez surpassed Carlton Fisk for the most games played as a catcher in the major leagues. However, Rodriguez is not among the two catchers who have caught at least 1,000 innings for each of the past eight seasons. Can you name those two catchers?


Pauly said...

I would say B-Mo and Posada without really thinking hard about it.

lisa :) said...

I have no clue but Tony says Jorge Posada and Yadier Molina. :)

lisa :) said...

...Tony also says "I refuse to guess A.J. Pierzynski on principle."

Greg said...

OK, I see Jorge Posada is a popular answer, along with the Molina brothers. However, Lisa, make sure Tony is sitting down when you tell him the answer... heheh.

OK, so I heard this one on the radio a few weeks ago and went online to verify. (The answer can be found on this Chicago Tribune blog under a header about Milestones.)

The two catchers who have caught at least 1,000 innings in each of the past eight seasons are A.J. Pierzynski and Jason Kendall.

lisa :) said...

I'll break it to him gently.

Kind of a surprise about Kendall but I guess he doesn't immediately come to mind since he's been with so many different teams.