Monday, April 19, 2010

Trivia: Most RBI by a Rookie

Jason Heyward's rookie season is off to a fast start. In fact, with 15 RBI through his first 12 games, he's currently on pace for about 200 RBI. Albert Pujols had 130 RBI during his rookie season, which is the National League record. But the major league record for RBI by a rookie is 145. Who holds that record?


clauff said...

Ted Williams

Greg said...

Yes, we have a winner! Ted Williams had 145 RBI during his rookie season in 1939. And like Heyward, Williams was just 20 years old when he broke into the bigs.

Pauly said...

Unlike Williams, Heyward is ON MY SQUAD BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 years of gloating sounds about right... :)