Friday, April 2, 2010

Strike a pose

I remember countless times as a kid practicing different major league batting stances in the backyard. As a young Cincinnati Reds fan, I thought Eric Davis had the coolest stance, but my dad would never let me do that in a game. I didn't have Davis' natural gift of lightning quick hands to make up for his stance's poor fundamentals, so I had to use a more conventional one. In real games, I tried to pattern my stance after Barry Larkin, although I doubt mine resembled his at all.

A while back ESPN had a great segment about batting stances. It has everything from Cal Ripken's countless stances to Julio Franco's funny one. And you'll get to see perhaps the best batting stance impersonator on the planet, Gar Ryness the Batting Stance Guy. Here's the video. Enjoy.


clauff said...

I totally tried to emulate my favorite players' batting stances growing up. Ryne Sandburg, Andre Dawson, and Eric Davis. Ahhh, fun times.

clauff said...

By the way, that batting stances guy can do players past and present for every MLB team at the drop of a hat. I'm sure some of them are not quite right, but dang, that takes a lot of studying.

Greg said...

Yeah, his knowledge of batting stances of the past is more impressive than I originally thought. He displays more of his range here on Letterman.