Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MLB Trivia: Touching base

In a baseball game, if a player hits a home run and a double, he has six total bases (four for the homer and two for the double). Hank Aaron holds the MLB record for most total bases in a career with 6,856. Can you name the three active players entering the 2011 season with the most career total bases?


Chairman said...

The two obvious ones are Manny and A-Rod. Assuming that there's not some technicality where Junior is still active, I'm guessing on the 3rd.

I'll say Jeter, but that seems like a trap. He and I-Rod have a bunch of hits, but not nearly as many HR. Thome and Delgado have the HR numbers. Chipper and Vlad's are a couple more old guys who have done it for years. Of course, it will be moot in a couple years when Albert gets there.

Greg McConnell said...

Good line of thinking. Plus your Junior pick was right on in the sense that he has more total bases than all of the current active players. But yeah, I'm counting him as retired for this question.

The answers were: (1) Alex Rodriguez (2) Manny Ramirez (3) Jim Thome.