Monday, November 1, 2010

MLB Trivia: Sweeping the World Series

Sweeping the World Series is difficult. However, since 1950, the New York Yankees have managed to do it three times. And during that time span, only two other franchises have swept the World Series twice. Can you name those other two franchises? (Hint: This question isn't as hard as it seems. First, think about which teams have won at least two World Series since 1950. Then see if you can recall which of those teams got at least one sweep. Good luck.)

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Greg McConnell said...

OK, if I were giving a second hint, it would be to start in the most recent years and work backward. After all, how many of us really know which teams won it all in the 50s and 60s?

If you start by looking at the past few World Series, you'll quickly recall that the Boston Red Sox won it in both 2004 and 2007. And if your memory is really good, you'll recall that the Red Sox swept both of those series (over the Cardinals and Rockies).

That only leaves us with one team to find; and this one is tougher. The Atlanta Braves had a great 15-year run but only won the World Series once. The Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series twice in the early 90s, but they never swept. If you make it back to 1990 you'll find the Cincinnati Reds swept the Oakland A's... hmm... Then you might recall the Big Red Machine won two World Series in the 1970s... and yes, one of those was a sweep over the Yankees!

So the Boston Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds were the answers to this question.