Wednesday, July 14, 2010

UPL Update: Be Careful What You Wish For

This time of year I like to give an update on the UPL Baseball standings. Last season at this time I was admiring the view from above. But, while I didn't admit it at the time, my mind briefly entertained thoughts of a different challenge. Rather than going for first, what would it be like to have a fixer-upper? You know... to rebuild. It actually sounded kind of fun to me. Take over a depleted roster and then, slowly but surely, make moves to get better. For a moment I actually kinda wished for that. But just for a moment.

Unfortunately, I'm now reminded that sometimes you need to be careful for what you wish for. After stumbling out of the gate this season, my '90 Reds have been "rebuilding" all season without any results:

1. O.N. Thugs                  124.5     
2. Hats for Bats                118.5    
3. Phatsnapper                  116    
4. JimmyDix'sSmallballs     90.5    
4. IamJabrone                   90.5    
6. SuckMyknuckleballs       87    
7. '90 Reds                        82.5    
8. Benver Droncos            78.5    
8. Black Sox                     78.5    
10.Westy's Sluggers          74    
11.Cheeseheads                64    
12.Muddy Mush Heads      57.5    
13.Chicago Zamboneheads 30

Pauly's Hats for Bats have been one of the biggest UPL stories this year, going from second-worst record in 2009 to second-best record at the break. Furthermore, they look like a legit contender to battle all the way into October.

The Thugs seem to be toying with the idea of finally leaving their comfort zone in the UPL Museum and actually coming out to compete. This could be a good thing, because I literally can't remember the last time the Chairman won a UPL championship.

We'll see how the second half goes. I'm not conceding anything yet.


Chairman said...

I spoil a lot of people with my play. When you have 4 bad outcomes in 9 years, it's easy to point that out.

And just FYI, the last championship was dated April, 2009 - a little over a year ago for those with short memories. Though the October, 2010 vintage is rumored to be awfully sweet. And the true aficionados are already contemplating the 2011's :-)

Greg said...

I spoil a lot of people with my play.

Hahaha. You and King James.

Chairman said...

The only difference is the hardware. I'm all about the championships :-)