Monday, July 12, 2010

It's the All-Star Break. Do You Know Where Your Team Is?

I thought Tom Verducci had an interesting piece over at called, "Why All-Star Break Standings Should Not Be Overlooked." Among his fun nuggets of info:

  • Now that the Reds have finally reached the All-Star break in first, that leaves only four teams in the wild-card era that have never led their division at the break: Colorado, Florida, Tampa Bay, and Toronto.
  • In the 14 years of the wild-card era, every team with at least a 5-game lead at the break went on to make the playoffs. Well, every team except the 2003 Royals, which blew a 7-game lead. (This season no team has a 5-game lead at the break, although the Texas Rangers have come the closest with a 4.5-game lead.)
If you do check out the article, you'll see that there's some bad news for the Cubs.


lisa :) said...

"...Bad news for the cubs"

Is anyone really surprised?

Greg said...

Yeah, no surprise there. Although, it will be interesting to see what trades the Cubs make in the next few weeks. My hunch is that some Cub fan-favorites might be on the move soon. Ted Lilly is one name I keep hearing mentioned...