Monday, June 7, 2010

Trivia: Rookie Sluggers

As of June 6th this season, Jason Heyward was slugging .531. Back in 1987, Mark McGwire set the then-record for rookie slugging at .618. But it has since been broken. Can you name the rookie who topped that mark?


Pauly said...

pujols is my first choice. Miggy Cabrera is my second.

Greg said...

OK, let's look at the numbers. During Pujols' rookie year (2001), he slugged an amazing .610. That's pretty close to McGwire's .618, but not quite.

During Miggy Cabrera's rookie year (2003), he slugged .468.

How about Ryan Howard? During his rookie year (2005) he slugged .567.

The answer is actually a Brewer. And no, it's not Prince Fielder. The answer is Ryan Braun, who slugged .634 during his rookie year of 2007.