Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheese whiz

The next time you're visiting the Milwaukee School of Engineering, be sure to check out the Lego mini-version of Miller Park which took Tim Kaebisch seven years to make. (Or you could just watch the two-minute YouTube clip below and be done with it.)

HT La Ruina


lisa :) said...

That's awesome...and also a little frightening. I wonder if anyone's done Wrigley in Legos yet.... I wish the video had included the little dude that goes down the slide. Might have to plan a Wisconsin trip to see that. Do you think he has Lego Sausage Races in there too?

Greg said...

Lisa, I do think that the Lego Sausage Races would be a nice touch... If I'm ever at MSOE, then I'll be sure to check. ;-)