Sunday, June 10, 2012

MLB Trivia: Ending the No-No Drought

This baseball season we've already seen a few no-hitters. But no-hitters aren't always that easy to come by. In the modern era, the longest amount of time between two MLB no-hitters is 3 years and 44 days (between Bobby Burke's on August 8, 1931, and Paul "Daffy" Dean's on September 21, 1934). However, the greatest number of games between no-hitters is 6,364--this drought began right after Randy Johnson's perfect game on May 18, 2004. Can you name the pitcher who threw the no-hitter to end this drought?


Greg McConnell said...

Hint: This no-hitter was thrown in 2006.

Pauly said...

Even a Marlins fan like me wouldnt get this right lol. We are all too old to remember.

Pauly said...

Hint: I looked it up.

Greg McConnell said...

Haha. Pauly I thought you might actually get it! I guess you Marlins fans have been spoiled with so many no-hitters. :-)

But yeah, this was a tough one. The answer is Anibal Sanchez. I stumbled across this trivia question while reading about no-hitters on Wikipedia.

And here's another interesting no-no tidbit. If you check out that Wiki page, you'll discover that Jim Abbott was not the first one-handed man to toss a no-hitter: "Two pitchers missing their non-pitching hand have thrown no-hitters; Hugh Daily, of the Cleveland Blues, defeated the Philadelphia Quakers 1–0 on September 13, 1883, and Jim Abbott, of the New York Yankees, defeated the Cleveland Indians 4–0 on September 4, 1993. Daily lost his left hand in a gun accident as a child, and Abbott was born without a right hand."