Monday, September 5, 2011

Trivia: MVP = Most Valuable Pitcher?

Some people consider Justin Verlander a contender for this season's AL MVP Award. If Verlander were to win the AL MVP this season, he'd be the first pitcher to accomplish the feat since Dennis Eckersley in 1992. Can you name the most recent pitcher to win AL MVP prior to Eckersley? Hint: This pitcher's career actually went well past the year 2000.


Chairman said...

I always get confused w/ Clemens and Gooden and the MVP. But if it's an AL, guy, then it's gotta be Clemens, right?

I'd figure that you were going to go for the McLain - Verlander Detroit link somehow.

Greg McConnell said...

Yes, the answer is Roger Clemens.

I admittedly hadn't thought about the McLain-Verlander link, although, McLain's 1968 season with the Tigers was certainly historic. I believe it's also the only year that a pitcher in each league won the MVP (Bob Gibson won it in the NL).