Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MLB Hit Parade: December 2010

December 30

KID K HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Welcome back, Kerry Wood.

JENKS AND THE WHITE SOX are like a bad divorce. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Bobby Jenks.

December 16

BOB FELLER: The New York Times remembers the late Hall of Fame pitcher and WWII vet:
Joining the Indians in 1936, Feller became baseball’s biggest draw since Babe Ruth, throwing pitches that batters could barely see — fastballs approaching 100 miles an hour and curveballs and sinkers that fooled the sharpest eyes. He was Rapid Robert in the sports pages. As Yankees pitcher Lefty Gomez was said to have remarked after three Feller pitches blew by him, “That last one sounded a little low.”

YOU DECIDE! Take a look at this year's Hall of Fame ballot and list your picks here.

December 12

CARL CRAWFORD AND THE UNSTOPPABLE SOX: This article is a perfect example of the enthusiasm surrounding Carl Crawford's signing with the Red Sox. But I'm not sure why the Red Sox receive praise for this while the Nationals are panned for the Jayson Werth signing. Both contracts are huge money over seven years for players who are relatively high risk. In some ways, the Crawford signing could be higher risk because so much of his game depends on speed -- and that can be taken away with an injury. I hope Crawford works out for the Red Sox, but it could be Ken Griffey Jr. all over again, minus the home town discount.

ALBERT PUJOLS: Could the Cubs go after Phat Albert in 2012? My hunch is no, but hey, it's fun to think about!

December 7

PAUL KONERKO talks have hit an impasse. Lots of White Sox fans are worrying about this, but let's wait and see. You want Konerko, but only at the right price. Let's not forget his disappointing 2007-2009 years, or the fact that he tends to play his best in contract years. (UPDATE: White Sox have re-signed Konerko. Looks like the right move to me, especially considering that his teammates and the fan base love him.)

PAYING THEIR RESPECTS: Wrigley turned into a Ron Santo shrine.


Chicago finally has a star basketball player in town again. It's only been 12 years. BTW, where can I buy that poster of Rose dunking on Oden?

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