Monday, August 2, 2010

MLB Trivia: A Decade of W's

Last decade, from 2000 to 2009, Andy Pettitte won the most games as a pitcher with 148 wins. Randy Johnson was #2 with 143 W's. The next four pitchers on that list are all still active. One of them is Tim Hudson. Can you name the other three pitchers in the top 6 for wins in the last decade? (Hint: These three players currently pitch in the same league.)


Greg said...

Okay, I gave the hint that all three of these guys currently pitch in the same league. But what if I had told you all three of them pitch on the same team?

Here's a list showing win totals for the top 10 winners of 2000-09. I've bolded the pitchers I was looking for in the answer:

148 Andy Pettitte
143 Randy Johnson
140 Jamie Moyer
139 Roy Halladay

137 Tim Hudson
137 Roy Oswalt
136 CC Sabathia
135 Mark Buehrle
134 Greg Maddux
134 Mike Mussina

So there you have it. The answer was Roy, Roy, and Moy. Oy!

Or, put another way, no currently active National League pitcher had more wins from 2000 to 2009 than Roy Oswalt, except for his two Philadelphia teammates Roy Halladay and Jamie Moyer.

Pauly said...

I hate Jamie Moyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg said...

Pauly, from what I remember, you hate (and bet against) all old pitchers.

Chairman said...

I figured that Moyer was one of them, as I heard something about him along these lines a couple weeks ago. I was pretty sure that Roy Oswalt was up there.

I assumed that Halladay was the 3rd one, since that was the more interesting story, but I talked myself into Johan Santana. Am a little surprised that he isn't on that list, but I saw that he didn't really start full time until some point in 2003.

Was very surprised to see Maddux get enough in the first half of the decade to be on this list. Man, he was good.

Greg said...

I remember in the 2003 playoffs after Maddux lost to the Cubs, the media asked him about Mark Prior. He said Prior could really locate a fastball and that was a key to success. At the time I thought Maddux's career was just about done, and Prior was at the beginning of his own Hall of Fame career. How wrong I was. Maddux still had a lot of quality starts in him after 2003.