Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Peter, Don't Go

I was bummed to learn that Peter Gammons is leaving ESPN for the MLB Network. I enjoy Gammons' work, and I don't have the MLB Network.

Over the past decade, ESPN's Baseball Tonight has been one of my favorite TV shows. I probably liked the show better back in the days when Harold Reynolds and Rob Dibble were still in the mix, but it's still a good show more often than not. Along with Gammons, John Kruk, Tim Kurkjian, Jayson Stark, and Buster Olney are among my favorites. With Gammons leaving, Baseball Tonight's roster loses some more of its depth


Greg said...

Gammons talks a little bit about his departure from ESPN in this interview.

Chairman said...

It's not like he's dead. He's just changing jobs.

Love the quote:

I am human and have the right to like people. But I am professional therefore I don't have that right to dislike someone.

Greg said...

The first time I read that quote from Gammons it kinda felt cheesy (and contradictory). But hey, if he honestly strives to not "dislike" anyone in baseball, then good for him.

Many people outside of the northeast complain about the media bias toward the Yankees and Red Sox. I think there's some truth to this and Gammons could be considered part of the "problem." But baseball's just a game and I don't mind hearing a little extra info about the Yanks and BoSox.