Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coolstandings revisited

Last year I blogged about Coolstandings, so I figured I'd revisit the subject this year. For those who don't know, crunches numbers to see which MLB teams have the best "chance" at making the playoffs based on their performance to date plus the strength of their remaining schedule.

Here are the five MLB teams that currently have the best chance at making the playoffs this season:

Team POFF%
New York Yankees 98.5
Los Angeles Dodgers 94.6
Los Angeles Angels 91.9
St. Louis Cardinals 88.9
Philadelphia Phillies 87.7

The above data seems like good news for the city of Los Angeles. Too bad the news isn't as good for Chicago:

Team POFF%
Chicago White Sox 27.9
Chicago Cubs 11.7

Last season Chicago had the good fortune of seeing both of its baseball teams make the playoffs. At this point, the chances of that happening again this season are about 3.3%.

I think most Cubs fans have already written their team off for this season. But I'm not so sure about White Sox fans. Looking at the standings, the White Sox are just 3.5 games behind the Tigers with about 6 weeks left. So anything could happen, right? Well, sure, a lot could happen. But looking at the numbers, the White Sox making the playoffs aren't among the likely things to happen this year.


lisa :) said...

That's a big old ouch whether you're a North or South side fan. Of course, looking at those numbers I think Chicago's Jay Cutler love fest makes a lot more sense...

Greg said...

Yeah, it's looking even tougher today. The Sox are at 0% chance, and the Cubs are at 0.4% chance.

I was happy to see the Bears big win over Pittsburgh last week. Here's hoping that Cutler can become a consistent QB. I think I saw a stat recently that Cutler is the 23rd starting QB Chicago has had since 1990. Wow!