Monday, July 14, 2008


Oh, what a difference a single letter can make.


Tony G said...

Okay, kudos for adding a hyperlink to my wife's blog. Extra kudos to my wife for getting linked to a dedicated baseball blog!

But Greg, I see that you last post was earlier on Monday. When are you going to editorialize the recent All-Star weekend events, including the inspirational derby and the controversial "Game That Counts"???

We're dying to know what you think.

Greg said...

Hi Tony! Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Hmmm... honestly, I was just waiting for Lisa to blog about the All-Star festivities and then I was going to link to her site again!

I didn't see the Home Run Derby, but I certainly heard about it. I'm happy for Josh Hamilton, especially considering it was his 71-year-old high school coach pitching to him. Although, this probably means all fantasy owners should trade him now. I had Abreu a few years back when he got red hot (24 homers) in a round at the All-Star Game. Then he was nothing for about 2 months after the break. (BTW, yes, I think the home run derby's rules should be changed so that whoever hits the most homers wins. I've thought this for years.)

As for the All-Star Game, I admittedly didn't catch that either (except for a few innings on the radio). Given the nature of this type of game for baseball, I'm beginning to wonder if they should play more innings. Why not make it an 11-inning game, enabling more guys to see some quality time? Either that or reduce the roster sizes. As it stands now, they're trying to fit too many players into 9 innings. Also, if it gets to the 14th inning or something like that, then maybe the winner could be determined by which league won the Home Run Derby. I know some people will think that's crazy, but I'm not some people. ;-)